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What ASC does for your children and families...

A Soldier’s Child (ASC) Foundation offers Love to the child left behind, Honor for the memory of the fallen and a Hope for the children to live a courageous life. ASC does this with yearly birthday celebrations, numerous camps, mentorship programs and facilitating in secondary/college scholarships. ASC has three points of service for your children.

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate our recipient's birthdays every year up to age 18,

spending $150 per child, per birthday according to the child's specific gift interview form.


Mentorship Programs

We offer a Journey Camp experience for our recipients between the ages of 9-17. This is a week-long summer camp hosted by ASC and our kids are encouraged to attend for at least 3 years. 

We also offer some very exciting mentorship programs/mini-camps which include golf, soccer, dance, theater, science, songwriting, culinary arts, and plenty of hunting/fishing programs (9-17 years of age) currently in Tennessee, Texas, Maine, and Nebraska. 

ASC has a leadership development program (PS23) designed for ASC young adults 18 years of age and above.  PS23 is an intensive outdoor weekend focusing on mind, body, and God. We currently conduct 20 camps a year and we have our pilot SOS Christmas program!

Educational Scholarships

ASC has a special K-12 private school and trade school Xavier Martin "Fill In The Gap" Memorial Scholarship Program for recipient children within our foundation. 

Please open the scholarship FAQ link below. After reading if you believe that you may qualify, please contact Tom Rankin - Scholarship Administrator.



Xavier Martin “Fill in the Gap” Scholarship 

The "Xavier Martin Fill in the Gap” scholarship is named in honor of Navy Personnel 1st Class Xavier Alec Martin.  On June 17th, 2017, Xavier was serving aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald.  Xavier was one of seven sailors who lost his life when his ship collided with another vessel off the coast of Japan.

Xavier graduated from Lansdowne High School in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010.  His mother wanted him to pursue a college education but Xavier chose to serve in the Navy where he quickly achieved the rank of E-6.  In the aftermath of his death, his mother provided a memorial fund in his name, the Xavier Martin “Fill in the Gap” Scholarship. 


“It is in Xavier’s name that we do this work, to keep his memory alive and the love I have for my son.  It is my hope to change the lives of ASC children through education. This memorial scholarship fund will ensure that this will be a part of his legacy through ASC”.


The mission of the Xavier Martin “Fill in the Gap” Scholarship is to increase the educational opportunity of K-12 ASC children who do not have access to grants from other survivor educational resources.  By assisting recipients with the cost of tuition, tutoring, and homeschooling, we intend to enhance their success and better prepare them for their future. 

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