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What ASC does for your children and families...

A Soldier’s Child (ASC) Foundation offers Love to the child left behind, Honor for the memory of the fallen and a Hope for the children to live a courageous life. ASC does this with yearly birthday celebrations, numerous camps, mentorship programs and facilitating in secondary/college scholarships.

ASC has three points of service for your children.

Yearly Birthday Celebrations

Celebrating our recipient children birthdays through their 18th birthday. ASC sends your children personalized birthday packages based upon their own gift wish list.


Mentorship Camps and Programs

We offer camp experiences for our recipients between the ages of 9-17. We have a week-long summer camp and some very exciting mini-camps which include sports, horseback riding, science, photography, culinary arts, songwriting, leadership, hunting and fishing programs and much more.

College Scholarships

ASC facilitates in secondary/college scholarships for our recipients through our partner organization The Folded Flag Foundation.    

The scholarship and grant opportunities offered by The Folded Flag Foundation include:

  1. Educational scholarships to cover the cost of private school tuition and fees, tutoring, after-school programs, summer camps and/or other related educational expenses for qualified children in grades K–12.

  2. Educational scholarships for qualified college-bound spouses and/or children (under the age of 26) to cover the cost of tuition and fees, books, computers, living expenses, tutoring, test preparation services and/or career preparation expenses.

The Folded Flag Foundation has specific criteria for approved applicants. A Soldier's Child Foundation lends no leverage for ASC recipient children other than we endorse The Folded Flag Foundation. Over the past few years, many ASC recipient children have received TFFF grants. Please be aware that it is possible that not all ASC recipients meet TFFF requirements.