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ASC Camps

For 12 years, A Soldier’s Child (ASC) Foundation has provided life-changing experiences for our ASC recipient children. ASC has accomplished this by creating a safe place for our kids to be themselves and interact with other children who have endured the loss of a military parent.

ASC strives to instill values like responsibility, integrity, empathy, and leadership to our ASC recipient children who attend our camps from year to year. These ASC camps are a platform for recipient children to build lifelong friendships with other ASC kids. ASC strives to Love the child, Honor their fallen, and give them a Hope to live out a courageous life.


Journey Camp is our week-long flagship camp where ASC children from all over the country attend. Journey Camp is a loving, challenging, safe environment where the kids can be themselves, let down their guard, trust and receive, love, honor and hope.  Journey Camps core values are, outdoor adventure, relationship building and healing.

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Our numerous hunting and fishing camps educate our ASC recipient children on the knowledge of gun safety, gun care, enjoying the outdoors, and wildlife. ASC has numerous mentors who hunt and fish with our recipient children to ensure the best chance of harvesting a whitetail deer, quail, turkey or catch that big fish. ASC’s goals are achieved under the supervision of certified professionals and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) Officers.

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Songwriting Camps are for ASC recipient children interested in taking the journey in healing by working with accomplished Nashville singer/songwriters to tell their own story. Whether they are interested in country, pop, rock, rap, Christian or folk music, the songwriters always accommodate the kids desire in genre. Songwriting Camp is the place for building new friendships with other ASC kids and songwriters they are teamed up with. By the telling of their stories, our kids better understand where they came from in order to move forward, on their journey of life.