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Corporate Sponsorships


For years ASC has received funding by conducting large C-CAP Events Nationwide.

C-CAP stands for “Compassionate Corporate America Partner.”  

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, large nonprofit events have all but ceased.
Small businesses, corporations, church groups, communities and others have virtually halted their volunteer efforts.

So, what is a Mini C-CAP event and how will it bring back the opportunity for our nation to invest time, talent, and treasure again and specifically for the children of our fallen American defenders of freedom?

WHAT YOU DO: You receive the honor of shopping, wrapping and packing birthday packages for the children within A Soldier’s Child Foundation. 

HOW IS IT DONE: You correspond with ASC staff leading up to the event and we coach you along in conducting the event on your premises.

WHAT DOES IT COST: 100% of the cost goes directly to the children you serve.  You pay for the gifts, we supply the shipping material, we work together on shipping.

   • $1,500 allows for you to celebrate 10 ASC kids’ birthdays.
   • $4,000 allows for you to celebrate 25 ASC kids’ birthdays.  
   • $7,500 allows for you to celebrate 50 ASC kids’ birthdays.

When you shop for each child, you purchase 5 gifts at approximately $125 based upon the child’s Gift Wish List.  

For more information please contact Founder and Executive Director Daryl Mackin at or call the office at 615.220.1600


The crux of C-CAP is to empower and engage any company in hosting an ASC shopping, wrapping, and “A Life Worth Celebrating” birthday party event.

This approach is so much more than a charity check. The impact will be one that no one attending the event will ever forget, caring for the children of our fallen American defenders of freedom, the freedom we live out without families.

C-CAP Purpose: To provide the opportunity for corporate America to be the hands and feet that give back to the children of all “active duty” fallen servicemen and women. C-CAP is a financial and hands on partnership/experience for every tier of the company. From the investors, board members, upper management, to the associates, employees, family members, high school students, civic groups, media/press, dignitaries, and the entire community. We want everyone to know that you all are an incredible company that is all about Compassionate Corporate America: Investing in doing the right thing, giving back to the children of our fallen American heroes.

C-CAP Church Logo.jpg


C-CAP’s is an avenue for churches and Christians to live out; James 1:27, " care for the widows and orphans in their distress.” Our C-CAP program’s purpose is to provide opportunities for Christians to be the hands and hearts that give back to the children of America’s fallen military servicemen and women.

One of ASC’s challenges is recruiting Christians to shop, wrap, ship, and pray over 240 ASC children's birthdays every month.  To a child, a birthday is everything.  A day in their life to be honored, to be treated like a King or Queen.  It is a way for us to use honor as a healing tool to begin to help change their lives, after the tragic loss of a military parent.  


ASC has a small staff, who are now providing services for over 3,900 children nationwide and growing.  Christians are essential to our ASC’s children's lives and our mission. 


It is extremely impactful for both the body of Christ and from a benevolent perspective to host an ASC shopping, wrapping, and “A Life Worth Celebrating” birthday party event. It allows churches to engage with their communities and recruit volunteers from parishioners, elders, staff, small groups, youth groups, adult groups, civic groups, media/press, and dignitaries.  This approach is so much more than a charity check. Our C-CAP program is a mission trip on steroids because everyone can be involved in this life-long impact and blessing to the children of those who fought and died for our American freedoms.

Giving back and caring for the children of our fallen American defenders of freedom will be the one event that no one attending will ever forget.  Help us get our ASC children off the waiting list and onto the life changing list. 

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Daryl JW Mackin at,
or call (615) 220-1600.

Look below for a list of some of ASC’s current corporate partners.

Special Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors

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