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Axis Deer/Wild Hog Hunt

Rocksprings, TX

Ages 18+

Brand new to ASC is our Axis Hunt at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, TX. Native to India and know as Chital in Hindustani, which means “spotted deer.” The Axis Deer will retain a rich chestnut-colored coat with vibrant white spots. The challenging Axis Deer have similar habits to our native whitetail deer and are incredibly wary and flighty, making for a rewarding and challenging hunt.




Georgia Hog Hunt

Ages 16+

A two-day intense wild hog hunt in Georgia.  A unique and adventurous opportunity for the extreme outdoorsmen.



Squirrel Hunt

Chapel Hill, TN

Ages 9 - 16

One-day local camp in Tennessee where ASC children hunt for the squirrel. A
special opportunity for 15 ASC children to hunt for squirrel.  ASC children will be hunting squirrels on a special property with ASC hunting mentors.



Quail Hunt

Nolensville, TN

Ages 9 - 16

One-day local camp in Tennessee where ASC children hunt for the elusive quail. A
special opportunity for 10 ASC children to hunt for quail with dogs.  ASC children will be hunting the elusive quail on a special preserve.




Turkey Hunt

Chapel Hill, TN

Ages 9 - 16

Three-day local camp in Tennessee where ASC children hunt for turkey. A unique opportunity for 20 ASC children to hunt for turkey with ASC mentors and the TWRA. (Camp is for 10 Boys and 10 Girls).




Moms Turkey Hunt and Spa Day

Chapel Hill, TN

Brand new to ASC is our first every turkey hunt and a spa day for ASC moms. Enjoy a weekend with other ASC moms building lifelong relationships, hunting turkey, and then enjoy a day at the spa.







Bandera Texas Family Camp

Bandera, TX

Enjoy a weekend with other ASC families building lifelong relationships, enjoy spending time at the Lone Star Lagoon Waterpark, and many other activities.



Dinner Banquet Family Camp

Thompson’s Station, TN

Enjoy a weekend with other ASC families building lifelong relationships, attend ASC’s 12th Annual “A Life Worth Celebrating” Dinner Banquet on Friday, May 7th, and many other activities while in Tennessee.



4th Annual Battle Run

Lewisburg, TN

We will be honoring those that have served and all that are currently serving. It does not matter if you, run, walk or crawl – Battle Run participants will receive a T-Shirt and a stainless- steel mug and a plate lunch at the finish line. Meet friends and family on the course and in the festival area to enjoy games, food, and some jams with the DJ. Available for all Veterans will be coffee, orange juice and biscuits.



PS23 Canada Bear Hunt

Ages 18+

Flying out of Nashville, Tennesee, two PS23 Mentors will experience the Hunt of their life!

They will be hunting black bears with world-famous guide Jim Shockey and his team in Port Hardy, Canada, for a week.

We will spend time in fellowship, going over bear hunt protocol, and then get to stalking black bear.  




TWRA Fishing Tournament

Nashville, TN

Ages 9 - 16

A one-day local fishing tournament in Tennessee where ASC children will fish with a TWRA mentor. ASC children will enjoy learning and catching fish while hoping to be the one that catches the biggest fish.



PS23 Off-The-Grid Trip

Rocksprings, TX

Ages 18+

Enjoy a weekend of backpacking, overnight camping, ziplining, kayaking on the river, cliff repelling, caving, and more. For ASC, young adults ages 18 and older interested in pursuing what it means to become an ASC’s PS23 mentor.




Journey Camp

Thompson’s Station, TN

Ages 9 - 17

Journey Camp is our week-long (6 nights/7 days) flagship camp where your children come to a loving, safe environment where they can be themselves, let down their guard, trust, and receive love, honor, and hope. Journey Camp is where they spend a week with other children who are on the same personal journey in pursuit of adventure, building lifelong relationships, and seeking restoration and healing.




Story Study Camp

Nashville, TN

A Soldier's Child Foundation is hosting its first-ever ASC Parent "Story Study" Camp. The study is about: "locating your pain, knowing your story, finding your passion and purpose."

This is a 5 Week Story Study that Johannah Mackin has published and has offered to ASC moms to do at home.

All graduates will then attend our "Story Study" Camp on August Thursday 12th through Sunday, August 15th, in Nashville, TN.




Jack and Jill Camp

LaVergne, TN

Ages 9 - 16

A 2 night/3-day camp. Brand new to ASC in 2021, a camp that will teach your children basic things like changing a tire, changing a light bulb, how to cook a meal, and many other life lessons needed.




Youth Hunt/Fish/Adventure Camp

Thompson’s Station, TN

Ages 9 - 16

A 3 night/4-day camp. ASC’s children will enjoy a weekend of hunting whitetail deer, zip lining, paintball, fishing and more.  ASC’s children will hunt with our professional hunting mentors and with TWRA fishing guides.




S.O.S. (Season of Sacrifice) Christmas

Season of Sacrifice (S.O.S.) Christmas is ASC’s pilot program that started in December of 2018. While still in stages of development, ASC hopes to grow this program to serve our children in all 50 states. In 2019 Christmas presents were sent to ASC children in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to have S.O.S. Christmas in every state serving all of our children. Please be patient with us as we expand this program.


A Soldier’s Child (ASC) Foundation serves children of fallen servicemen and women from all U.S. military branches. ASC acknowledges all deaths during active duty and any deaths post military service, due to service-related injuries or illnesses. This includes suicides from PTSD related deaths. ASC offers Love to the child left behind, Honor for the memory of the fallen and a Hope for the children to live a courageous life. We do this with yearly birthday celebrations, summer camps, mentorship programs, and facilitating in secondary/college scholarships.

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