A Soldier’s Child (ASC) Foundation serves children of fallen servicemen and women from all U.S. military branches. ASC acknowledges all deaths during active duty and any deaths post military service, due to service related injuries or illnesses. This includes suicides from PTSD related deaths. ASC offers Love to the child left behind, Honor for the memory of the fallen and a Hope for the children to live a courageous life. We do this with yearly birthday celebrations, summer camps, mentorship programs, and facilitating in secondary/college scholarships.

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Driven forward and upward, by what we believe in.

PS23 is a weekend of emotional, physical and spiritual growth for ASC recipients, 17 years of age and older. Even if you are in your 30’s and have not been in the foundation for our birthday celebrations or camps, you still qualify if you lost a military parent during active duty or a post service-related death. Our PS23 Mentors develop leadership skills through team building challenges, vacations, songwriting, outdoor adventures and more that will last a lifetime.


After an ASC young adult recipient 17 years of age or older has completed the PS23 leadership course, they are then invited back to our other camps offered throughout the years as a PS23 Mentor. Essentially PS23 Mentors build on their young leaders “Servant Leadership” skills based on Christian principles and values.


We do this by taking our young adult leaders/mentors on the road attending our camps for ASC kids between the ages of 9-17. It is there that our PS23’ers practice leading through serving and caring for younger ASC kids that have experienced the same as they have, the loss of a military parent. It is truly amazing to see “empathy” as the tool to wholeness. Healing happens for both our leaders and campers.

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PS23 mentors enjoy a wide array of outdoor excursions and adventures in our PS23 “Off-the-Grid” trips. They also enjoy, hiking, jet skiing, canoeing, tubing, water skiing and many other activities that help build trust, relationships and skills that will help them when mentoring our younger ASC children at other camps during the year.


PS23 mentors are the helping hands and hearts of ASC during our numerous camps throughout the year. During our camps the PS23 mentors care for the younger ASC kids who have experienced the same as they have, the loss of a military parent. During these camps, it is amazing to see “empathy” as the tool to wholeness for both our mentors and campers.


PS23 culture is driven with purpose and passion.  Our leaders attend conferences, counseling training, outback excursions and special retreats empathizing Christian principles and values as they relate to leadership and the career paths of young adults. PS23 graduates are trained to help facilitate and serve as peer mentors at Journey Camp and other mini camps throughout the calendar year.


Journey Camp is the most important camp that our PS23 mentors are asked to attend. PS23 mentor’s guild the younger ASC children in a safe environment where they can be themselves, let down their guard, trust and receive love, honor and hope. PS23 mentors are assigned a cabin of 10 younger ASC kids for the week. They ensure that the younger ASC children have empathy during their pursuit of adventure, building lifelong relationships and seeking restoration and healing.


PS23 Leadership Camp is designed for ASC young adults 17 years of age and older to learn the skills to serve as peer mentors at Journey Camp and other mini camps throughout the calendar year. During our leadership camp our potential PS23 mentors will embark on a wide array of outdoor adventures, leadership training, relationship building, trust building skills that will help them when they are mentoring our younger ASC children at our variuos camps throughout the year.